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Manali Thamsar Pass Trek

Manali Thamsar Pass Trek

Manali Thamsar Pass Trek

Day01 - Palampur to Bir by Car 2600 mtrs
Trek starts from Bir to Billing, 4hrs walk. The trek is of moderate ascent. It is known as one of the best placing for paragliding. It gives most scenic panorama of the Shivalik ranges.

Day02 - Billing to Raj Gunda
Trek goes to the north of billing along spur above the uhl river with easy walk. There are potato farms in this village.

Day03 - Raj gunda to Pani Hardu (3693mts)
this trek is moderate ascent.

Day04 - Pani Hardu to Marhu (3900mts)
over Thamsar pass (4665mts), 10-12 hrs. This trek is weary and it involves climbing. A beautiful small glacial lake can be seen on this trek. The pass is surrounded by snow and pass also shares two different valley (Kangra & Ravi valley). From here trail descends to the vast of snow towards north. The trekkers and gaddis camp at this place and make an early starts to cross Thamsar pass.

Day05 - Mahru to Bara Bhangal (2540mts)
It is downhill trek to Bara Bhangal which is situated above the attraction for trekkers, mountaineers, nature lovers and anthropologist who thrive to feel and experience the lives of local tribes who live there in complete isolation untouched from the outer world in their own traditional ways.

Day 06 - Rest day.

Day 07 - Bara Bhangal to Sukha Parav (2990mts)
This trek passes through forests. Streams and meadering rills involving many ups and down. This is a sceneic feast with panorama of peaks all around.

Day 08 - Sukha pass to Lama Rarav (3150mts)
This is an easy gradual trek with moderate ascents.

Day 09 - Lama pass to Gwari (3780mts)
The trek which rises steeply arduous climb up to the camping ground. Gwari is situated at the fool hill of Kalihin pass when the Kalihin river originates and joins the Ravi near Bara Bhangal.

Day10 - Gwari to Sanghor (3600mts)
This is very tiring trek. The climb becomes stiff before the pass but then rewarded adequately for ones efforts by fascinating view of the mountains of Greater Himalayas as seen from the pass. One needs balance and self control while descending.

Day11 - Sanghor to Sangchur (288mts)
This trek passes through many ridges and crosses through couple of streams on its way to Sangchur.

Day 12 - Sangchur to Manali (2050mts)
This is comparatively easy trail can be covered n 2-3 hrs. The trek descends through many villages of Kullu Vally.